Enri Mars is a brand that creates unique and distinctive designed Avant-Garde jewels worn by those who thinks and acts independently and differently from others, free-spirited who dance to their own beat inspired by this world, different cultures and experiences without price.

Each product is handmade with premium raw materials and owns a made in Italy design and taste.

My jewelry reflect my personal time travel concept. A past that renews itself while looking at the future and a gesture that leaves a mark, imprints and tarnishes experiences and shapes in a personal and unique way.

Each item shows a new jewellery and personalization vision; every ring, bracelet, pendant differs from one to another, perfectly unique in their imperfection, like people who proudly bears the scars of time and celebrates them with a unique, personalized, hand-made piece created with patience and passion that reflects themselves.

I work sharing the thought of KINTSUGI where imperfections are not defects but narrative elements and characteristic signs of the history of an object or a person that enrich the object and the person himself, in harmony with the concept of WABI-SABI, that is the exaltation of the imperfect, impermanent beauty of unconventional things linked to the passage of time.

You can choose your jewel by discovering my collections or I can bring your most unique jewelry idea to life, because jewels are not only something to show off,  They are part of us, of our story.